Receivables Optimization

Receivables optimization is delivered through a working partnership. Receivia, our outsourcing company, provides pre-chargeoff management services, typically operating in the name of the health care provider in a manner transparent to the patient and/or third party. Nationwide Recovery Service, the collection agency, provides post-charge off services in the name of the agency.

Receivables optimization services are divided into the following four categories based on the status of a patient’s relationship with the health care provider.

  • Preventive Services can be provided as early as before a patient has been admitted or seen for treatment.

  • Account Management Services can be provided as soon as a patient has been admitted.

  • Delinquency Management Services begin once a patient has been discharged and billed, either directly or through insurance.

  • Recovery Services begin once an account has been written off.

Services in the first three categories typically are provided by Receivia, and usually are performed in the name of the health care provider. Collection services are provided by Nationwide Recovery Service for full agency impact.